Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What A Horrid Father

Some guy on the X Factor says he doesn't know his real family, and wants to prove to them he isn't a waste of space (note to him... the X Factor cannot help you with this...). Then the Mirror runs a story saying he lied, and his father is quoted to prove it.

Now what the father says is basically he and his son have regular phone contact and he last saw him four years ago. Personally I've seen complete strangers more often than that and I thus very much doubt it contradicts what his son said. He wants to KNOW his family not just have some contact with them.

And the fact is the father almost certainly got paid for his story. What sort of father is that? A pathetic, worthless one? Yes. I just wish the newspapers would stop using greedy folks like this for stories and instead outed them as the greedy bastards they are for all the nation to see. Sometime soon I want to see a news headline:

"Heartless father uses his son's unhappiness for personal gain"

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