Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Tories Have No Sense Of Humour Or Proportion

As our great country suffers an economic downturn, the possibility of it's own destruction, a few wars, and etc. the Tories have nothing better to do than claim that a video made in response to a petition calling for Jeremy Clarkson to be Prime Minister shows that the Government is out of touch with reality.

Actually it shows someone in the Government is a human being, who understood the humourous intentions of the petition in question and responded in kind. The Tories need to stop trying to score idiotic political points and start actually showing their vision of a Tory United Kingdom. Of course that is too much to hope for, given the bile pent up with the Tory party.

The Tories have until recently been successful in maintaining their "Not the nasty party" image. They had been espousing tolerance and getting all excited over green issues. Now, as their political star begins to rise once more, they return to their true colours. The green policies disappear as they begin to move back towards the right wing.

See David Camerons recent speeches on social reform. "Social reform" is a euphemism for Government interference in the personal lives of the citizens of this country. They are ideologically bound to promote "marriage and family" as being the "foundations" of a secure society. HA! Marriage and family didn't do so well at keeping Victorian Britain a safe or secure place did they??? NO. Murder and crime were rampant. This defunct ideology just keeps on being espoused because they have NO IMAGINATION!

I'll be interested to see George Osborne's suggestions for improving on Labours record on poverty. The .pdf on this page is all anti-Labour rhetoric. Nothing positive nor constructive. Same old Tory party.

Labour might be bad, they might make terrible decisions... but the Tories would make life even worse. This country needs a hero. David Cameron is not that hero.

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