Thursday, 28 August 2008

Did Tower Hamlets Council Think This Would Help Community Cohesion???

Sometimes I wonder if people actually think about what they write in emails? I've had my brushes with stupidity (once sending out an extremely personal and inappropriate email to all of the TVW Folkestone staff) but at least I wasn't in a position needing public scrutiny. Tower Hamlets council employee John Williams ("Head of Democratic Services"), however, should really have thought through the wording of his email before sending it out and playing right into the hands of the racist scum that bedevil this country.

Check out this news story. Read it all, and you'll see what he was trying to say... "Oi, this year keep your hands off the specially laid on Ramadan food, you greedy bastards" came out as "The special food is for special people and you all better not eat anything at all until after those special people have eaten their special food". Which I can see was not his intention. It's just he decided to write in management speak rather than actually get directly to the point. I completely agree with the Lib Dem grouping saying that this is completely unacceptable, suggesting one religious grouping has priority over another, or over no religion at all. I'm glad the council have sought to rectify that perception.

Personally I don't think special exceptions should be made for any religion at Governmental level, and before you say "But what about Easter and Christmas", I accept that some Christian, formerly Pagan holidays, have become secular holidays something I have no issue with. But if they are going to be made, please God do it properly and think things through otherwise you risk sending a whole lot of fresh members to the likes of the BNP.

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