Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A Little Less Harsh In Future, Please

Nothing drives me crazier than getting stuck behind a woman who is walking at a snail's pace because she obviously has no idea of how to walk in heels. Sometimes I want to lean down and whisper in their ear "Sensible shoes in future, yeah?". Of course I don't, I'm too British for that, instead I spend my time quietly seething.

But I obviously owe a few of them an apology. It would seem that some businesses require women to wear high heels. I had never even conceived that in this day and age anyone would be compelled to wear anything more than "smart shoes". Expressly suggesting "high heels" is disgusting, control freakery and obviously incredibly sexist.

I find the requirements for a tie in some businesses to be incredibly insulting (and you won't find me doing it) but at least it's unlikely to affect my posture or health. Any business requiring high heels should be ashamed of themselves.

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