Sunday, 28 April 2013

C4M Leaflets: The Coalition For Mayhaps/Could Be/What If #equalmarriage

So remember the Coalition for Marriage? They are still campaigning away.
Without any hard facts they have now resorted to speculation in their leaflets, all maybes and coulds and very little "This is absolutely the case". Why? Because they know that they can't back up the facts. Let us break down their points.

Education: We're still on the "Oh my God, children might be taught about same-sex marriage!" Last I checked school was about teaching children what to expect in the real world and how to deal with it so completely ignoring something they might encounter would, surely, be a bit silly. And the old "teachers will be sacked" meme has run its course. The Government has stated clearly it would not support teachers being sacked for opposing equal marriage. This is in contrast to some religious organisations who are determined to sack teachers for supporting equal marriage! I know that is a bit inconvenient for C4M's narrative but those are the facts.

Families: This is not a second point. It is again about education. There are quite a number of things parents don't get a right to opt-out of. Feel free to debate this much wider topic rather than suggest this is just an equal marriage issue.

Children: NOT AN EQUAL MARRIAGE ISSUE. There is nothing in the current same-sex marriage bill that affects fostering or adoption. Why? Because that issue has already been resolved. C4M are just trying to cloud the issue we are talking about now with their pet peeves from the past.

Careers: Back to Education again.

Churches: Now realising that churches will have their right not to perform same-sex marriages respected they've moved on to demanding they still be given grants or refused permission to hire halls for church use. Hmm... moving those goal posts again. I look forward to churches renting out their halls for Grindr meet-up at the earliest opportunity.

The leaflet shows one thing. The arguments they've been using haven't been working and they are now down to desperate "What if" scenarios based on a couple of past incidents (that occur, obviously, before marriage equality has been introduced!) and speculation.

Awesomely weak. This gives me hope.

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