Friday, 26 April 2013

It Is Time To Contact The Lords and Ladies About #EqualMarriage

With the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill heading for its Third Reading in the House of Commons, it is time to start contacting the members of the House of Lords.

Peter Tatchell called for people to start lobbying the Lords yesterday, which was rather coincidental as that is when I began contact the Lords myself. I've already received a positive response from Lord Attlee, and I hope to receive more! The Lesbian and Gay Foundation have also called for lobbying of the Lords to begin.

I second Peter Tatchell's suggestion. We need to lobby the Lords and make sure them see that there is a substantial number of people calling for marriage equality in this country, despite what some might have you think.

You can see how to address a Lord or Lady here and their contact details can be found here. There is a letter/email template text at the bottom of here, but I think it is always best to personalise the letter to make it a bit more obvious you aren't just a robot!

No one really knows how the Lords stand on this issue. Most assume the vote will be tight. So get writing, telephoning or, if you happen to see them and you doing it politely, asking them in person to ensure the members of the House of Lords know marriage equality isn't something the "metropolitan elite" thought up but is something desired by many people across our fair land!


Anonymous said...

The above website has a list of lords emails, split into their alphabetical order, it is a lot easier than using theyworkforyou website and you can contact far more lords. At the moment I am around 100 lords for equal marriage and around 50 against

Jae Kay said...

Good cool. Thank you, although using the opponents website is a bit mean ;)

If you are so inclined please drop me an email at jaekay at gmail dot com with your details as there is a spreadsheet that could do with update with that info!