Monday, 4 April 2011

So... Folkestone Labour; What Is The Alternative?

A couple of weeks ago I received a piece of paper from the Folkestone Labour Party (and there I was thinking they were some sort of mythical beast...).

Shall we take a look?

Despite: rising food and fuel prices, cuts in wages and benefits and despite escalating unemployment...

What a way to start, going straight for the apocalyptic angle...

"Tory Shepway Council increases rents by a whopping 6.47%"
Hmm... that does sound bad, I wonder why this is and what Labour proposes to do about it...

"In the words of former Lib Dem now Tory Councillor Sue Wallace "I cannot see there is going to be a problem with people finding the money to pay this extra

Give the Tories the problem. Throw them out on the 5th May

Labour is Folkestone's Alternative Vote

Join our fight against the increase
Sign up to Folkestone Labour Party"
So... erm... what is the alternative? What's the plan? Could it be Folkestone Labour Party haven't got that far yet? Opposition is great. But opposition without an alternative is just plain tilting at windmills.

The next side is much the same. Repeating figures and issues without offering a "real alternative" despite their claims.

I want to ask again: what is Labour's alternative? When will they tell us? Is this Labour's cunning plan to not to repeat the Lib Dems tuition fees mistake by not promising us anything at all??

Before I put my cross in a box I'd like to know what exactly the party has planned for Shepway. Sweet nothing?

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