Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Lifting Of The Blood Ban... Well Not Quite...

My heart skipped a beat as I clicked on to the latest story on my Google News feed...

UK ban on gay male blood donors lifted

Could it be? Could the Coalition finally be pushing back the last of the homophobic rules that govern our lives here in the United Kingdom?

Thoughts of a gender neutral, sexuality neutral filtering process to replace discrimination with a sensible protection of the quality of the donated blood supply filled my head. The day when those who practice safe sex need not fear rejection when offering to donate blood. What bliss!


Gay blood donation ban to be lifted but only for men who haven’t had sex for 10 years

I don't know what's more insulting. A complete blanket ban on all men who have had sex with men. Or just one on those still practising it (even those who are in long term monogamous relationships!)

The Government, like the Labour one before them, just don't get it do they?

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