Thursday, 14 April 2011

AV is not about THEM. It's about US.

It's disappointing that the powers that be, and many political activists, seem to think AV is an opportunity/danger to their own aims and ambitions. Be it the scaremongering about a perpetual Lib Dem domination of Parliament or MPs complaining that they don't like being called lazy, the political aristocracy are missing the point.

AV isn't about outcomes, it's not about stroking egos and it's not about not rocking the boat. It's simply, at it's very heart, about giving voters more choice and more say in who represents them. That's it.

On May the 5th we have an opportunity to make a change that means MPs need to ensure they appeal to a majority of their constituents, not just their partisan core vote. We can't let it slip past us because of scaremongering or whinging among the political class... It's time we showed the political class that we're the ones in charge.

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