Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Tories Are Not Gay Friendly

The Tories may be changing their public image, and they might be about to form the next Government, but let's be clear here; they are not friends of the GLBT movement.

Now that doesn't mean they are an enemy. But as Conservative's, I'm certain that they will happily maintain the status quo and our years of moving forward towards equal citizenship with heterosexuals will be stalled. I have no doubt they will not seek to reverse our status, but our current status as second class citizens cannot be tolerated.

David Cameron still utters such moronic statements as "the ideal adoption is finding a mum and a dad, but there will be occasions when gay couples make very good adoptive parents. So I support gay adoption.” Sorry Mr Cameron but who the Hell are you to decide the ideal family unit? Time and again the Tories come out against libertarian values (which I would have hoped they might espouse) and instead favour backward, regressive "family values" type beliefs which leave me feeling cold. Social engineering is not just a symptom of left wing politics, but of right wing one's too. We must fight against intrusion such as this into our private lives.

Worse is Cameron's refusal to apologise for his previous anti-GLBT voting record by denying he ever voted against human rights legislation! Can't people see David Cameron is simply a spin merchant, devoted to power rather than to progress? He is Tony Blair Mark II.

The Tories continue to defend their Polish allies.

“A few days before we met, the MPs of this “not homophobic” Law and Justice Party demanded a crackdown on what they called “positive paedophilia by some homosexual circles.” Their senior MP, Stanislaw Pieta, said: “I’m not saying every gay is a paedophile, but in Britain 43 per cent of paedophiles are gay and they only make up 1 per cent of the population.” Their leader, Lech Kaczynski, says “the human race would disappear if homosexuality was freely promoted.” There are hundreds of such statements from the party, all on video.”

The paedophilia stuff doesn't even warrant a response, but the suggestion the human race will disappear if homosexuality is freely promoted does need one.

1) Nobody is suggesting we promote homosexuality. It's not a "lifestyle choice". You CANNOT turn someone gay. It's not like religion or politics. Sexuality can change, but honestly folks if it could be forced to change don't you think we'd be bumming Brad Pitt by now???
2) By allowing GLBT people the same rights as everyone else will not suddenly cause the end of the world. If you are so scared that heterosexuality is so unappealing it wouldn't be able to survive exposure to gay marriage or some such policy, than really you need to take a long hard look at how you live your life.

It's this statement that shows to me not that the Tories should denounce their allies as bigots, but that they should denounce them as fools and idiots. As people not worthy of serious political interaction. They are stupid, and that surely must make you concerned about how a party aspiring to Government such as Cameron's Tories could come to think they'd be good bedfellows in the EU Parliament?

With the Liberal Democrats and the Greens (I'll admit) being the only parties to fully support equal rights for GLBT people, maybe it's time progressives made a choice NOT to vote in the Tories. Our future freedom's depend on it.

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Excellent post! Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention, it certainly is a topic worthy of discussion.

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