Sunday, 7 February 2010

Leave Sarah Palin's Notes Alone!

I'm no Sarah Palin fan. Alright... full disclosure... I think she is a loony right wing nut, who's popularism is a danger to democracy and a great danger to progressive values. After her speech to the Tea Party conference I started to see some criticism of the content of her speech on the US blogs I read. And then, suddenly, it all disappeared. It was replaced, instead, by criticism of her using crib notes on her hand and specifically made fun of her considering her attacks on Obama for using a teleprompter.

Well, let's be honest, her hypocrisy is hardly surprising given her personality and beliefs. Yet this is not what we should be focussing on. It's not the delivery method that's the problem, most people prepare for a speech in one way or another, it's the content and it is only by rational criticism of the content that she can be brought back down to Earth.

American liberals need to be the better half of the political debate and rise above petty attacks. It's time they destroyed the message, not the person.

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OM said...

You would have been right about destroying the message rather than the person, if there were any message there. As you can see from the notes on her hand, all she has are empty talking points. Her whole message is hate and lies. It's one thing to argue the merits of Obama's actions and the alternative solutions proposed by Republicans, but you can't argue with a person who offers nothing.

Jae said...

This is a woman who believes in an imaginary sky fairy. Who wants to promote a new American revolution. She is anti-gay rights, anti-abortion, pro-guns etc. etc. She hates big Government but wants to make decisions about how everyone else lives their lives.

She offers her views up for attack like gifts for liberals, and yet the liberal blogs choose to attack her for having speech notes??

You woefully misjudge your enemy if you think empty talking points are what her supporters seen in her speeches.

Robert "the infidel" Garding said...

Obama, not Palin is the danger to this country. And we are not a democracy. We are a republic. And Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are the ones destroying it.......not Palin.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'd like for politics to be a civil and decent place. It's not. Americans are currently demonstrating that when you are playing with bullies who refuse to play nice, attempting to play nice just gets the shit kicked out of you.

Kate said...

I'm pro-gun, you want to know why??? Because when a masked man broke into my house and had my children and I at gun point, my husband grabbed his gun and was able to subdue that man. We have our guns locked up and safe away from the children, we aren't stupid, there are no gun accidents in our house. But telling me you are anti gun is like telling me you don't mind my family dying that day.

オテモヤン said...


libhom said...

As long as Sarah Palin and her cultists present her as a viable presidential candidate, I see nothing wrong with pointing out her lack of fitness to serve.