Monday, 4 January 2010

A Pets Wishlist

If money and space weren't such an issue...

A Maine Coon

The largest breed of domestic cat, and one of the most intelligent, these cats cover my love of cats and my love of dogs all in one! What I wouldn't give to have one!

An American Bull Frog

I once owned an American Bull Frog before it became illegal to import them (although it's not illegal to breed or own them might I add! Sadly this message didn't reach the shops where it's impossible to get one now) and would love to again. Mine never made it to adulthood but even as a tadpole these things are immense! Gotta love them!

A Mantis Shrimp

What a fascinating animal. Affection it's not, unless drawing blood is your idea of affection, but damn gorgeous and exciting. These creatures are not mantis' nor are they shrimp but are members of a fascinating family of their own. I WANTS!


My mate used to have a pet chicken called Belinda and she was great. I think a chicken is that perfect mix between pet and livestock... beautiful and interesting whilst also productive. With more space... I'd upgrade to ostriches. Evil. But sort of cool.


Lots of them... from here... :p

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