Saturday, 2 January 2010

Future Things

Things to look forward to this year.

The General Election

Unless there is a serious upset at the next election and the Liberal Democrats win, I'm not going to be very happy with the result (especially when that result will almost certainly bring forth a new Conservative Government). But I still enjoy elections, and will be volunteering my time back home in Folkestone and Hythe to campaign for whoever is going to be standing for the Lib Dems (unless, of course, I find them to be unsuitable as a candidate. I tend to prefer the candidates personal politics over party politics. It's a shame Peter Carroll, of the Gurkha campaign fame is not standing in Shepway this year). And of course we have election night coverage to enjoy. Happy times!


Predators is due to come out in July. After the horror unleashed in Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem (horror on the cinema goers eyes rather than cinematic horror) I shouldn't be looking forward to a new sequel to Predator (seems they are going to ignore Predator 2, which is sad). But I am! I have such an affection for the original movie that I cannot bring myself not to get excited over a new sequel! In other retro movie news there are probably more high profile remakes this year than any year in history. Which is unsurprising given each year forward gives us ever more original movies screaming out (both creatively and financially in different amounts) for a remake. Plus Toy Story 3 is out (inner child is delighted!)

Doctor Who

This year we have a new Doctor, a new companion, Daleks in WWII, the Weeping Angels, Silurians and Sea Devils, and no doubt some surprises too. I cannot wait!

The Last Space Shuttle Flight

I'm not looking forward to this as much so thinking it is a remarkable milestone in man's exploration of space. It's the end of an era. Let's hope it ushers in a new and even more fruitful one.

What are you looking forward to, outside of your personal hopes and dreams, this year?

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