Sunday, 27 September 2009

Family Guy Banned In Venezuela

I am always in two minds about the people in charge over in Venezuela. On the one hand President Chavez has stood firm against those seeking to take power through a coup, raised general living standards and made a mark on the world stage as a person to be reckoned with and a country to take note of.

But on the other there has been a slow erosion of civil liberties, democracy and general freedom. Whilst any South American Government is well advised to be wary of the United States, given the US's history of messing around "in it's back yard", his fervent anti-Americanism is concerning as well.

Now we have the Justice Minister banning Family Guy! Why? Because Brian, a character in the show, ran a campaign (let's make this clear, a fictional campaign!) calling for marijuana to be legalised! Madness. Absolute madness. Censorship is never right, and is just yet another sign of Venezuela's descent into a dictatorship.

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