Saturday, 12 September 2009

Anti-Fascist Violence

It is quite obvious to me, as someone who happens to be white, that there is a very deep undertone of racism in this country. You go anywhere in the country and meet with white people, when there is nobody of a different race about, and there's a high chance somebody will start a conversation about how "things have gone too far" or "send the immigrants home". You only need to read the Sun or the Daily Mail to know this is something the media loves to tap in to.

So when the English Defence League does one of it's never-ending protests, it might be helpful if the supposedly rational, decent folk who oppose them DON'T BECOME VIOLENT! What the BBC's news story fails to reflect is that the violence came from the anti-fascist side. I hate fascists, racists and nationalists. I believe that those who support such creeds are unpatriotic (they need to read up on who we fought against in WWII) and indecent.

But I also hate violence and what I really hate is muppets causing violence against these bastards. Given that we live in a country with lots of "hidden" racism, the way to win those people round is not by attacking these sorts of organisations physically but by winning the arguments. The Nazi's weren't defeated by Communist's attacking them in the streets before 1933, it only made them stronger in the eyes of many who feared the Communists. We must stand strong against racism, but do it sensibly, peacefully and decently. If we don't then the nationalist scum win out!

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