Sunday, 13 September 2009

Alan Turing: The Tip Of The Iceberg

I was rather bugged by the furore in the lead up to the apology for Alan Turing from the Prime Minister. The campaign, to me, stunk of a personality cult. I was vocal in my desire to see an apology for everyone punished for their sexuality (and perhaps that should wait until we get equal rights, huh?).

So why did no one in the media call for this? Now, suddenly, it's hit the radar. Grr... see here and here

I understand the campaign was not started by someone who classes themselves as LGBT, so perhaps that perspective made it difficult to understand that this sort of treatment is not a rare occurrence. But then again surely anyone of a basic level of intelligence should understand that. But maybe I ask too much given that some gay guys nowadays don't even know about the past regressive laws.

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Bill said...

I've not written about this at all because it is completely meaningless 'gesture politics' - Turing is dead and it can make no possible difference to him, even if it may give some comfort to his family.

What about denouncing what is going on today in a number of the member countries of the EU, specially many of the former Soviet-bloc members - but not forgetting places like Italy either? Pubicly criticising their present-day anti-homosexual policies would be of much more use. At the same time an apology for running the UK economy into the ground wouldn't go amiss either.

Jae said...

I actually completely agree with you Bill, but I'm not under any illusions and thus accept the only apologies anyone will ever make is for stuff that happened two or three generations ago. Acknowledging current truths seems a little too difficult for those in power. Alas.