Thursday, 8 August 2013

Scientology And Some Interesting Times Ahead

We are not quite at the excitement levels that Project Chanology caused, but there are two very big events (one newsworthy and one less so) that are likely to make Scientology pretty interesting for those of us who find the Church so fascinating.

The first news-friendly story is the ongoing fallout from Leah Remini's defection from the Church. John Sweeney's excellent Panorama documentary "Scientology and Me" was the first time I'd ever heard of Leah Remini. In it Remini is shown as a loyal member of the Church aghast at the evil BBC's distortion of source. But we now know that just months before Remini had began to ask questions about the whereabouts of her friend, and COB RTC David Miscavige's wife, Shelly Miscavige. These questions would ultimately lead to her leaving the Church last month and have now resulted in what could be quite an interesting moment as Leah Remini pursues, 7 years after she first raised concerns, information as to where Shelly Miscavige may be by registering her as a missing person.

Though the Church regularly faces open opposition from former members, and even people who were in very senior positions during their time in the Church, it rarely has to face with such vocal opposition from one of its most cherished celebrity members. With her name recognition (with people who aren't me anyway!) and desire not to be silenced, we could be looking at one of the more serious threats to the status quo of the Church in recent years.  

She is also planning to release a memoir which may provide some fascinating insights into life as a celebrity in the Church of Scientology. We've had plenty of info on the workings of the Celebrity Center from former employees but how it looks from the other side of the bar might be revealing indeed.

It was already being speculated, prior to the missing person report, that Shelly might make an appearance at an upcoming Celebrity Center event. Time will tell.

The other news is less media friendly and more for the Scientology anoraks but... the long overdue Super Power Building (yes, Dear Constant Reader, this is a real thing) is quite likely to be opened within a matter of weeks. And, quite possibly, at the same time COB RTC might announce a new model of e-meter in what is being call the "The Golden Age of Tech 2". Both will probably done in an event in Clearwater that seems to be replacing both a formerly annual IAS event in the UK and an event on the Freewinds (a ship Scientology operates in the Caribbean). With an obvious reduction in the Scientology event calender we may want to count the heads at the Super Power Building opening and see if the recent great apostasy is finally causing Scientology to have to scale back its pomp!

And how the Super Power Building and GATII will effect the way the church works moving forward, if there is a future for the church, will be something to watch.

Very interesting times ahead Scientology watchers!!

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