Monday, 19 August 2013

Come Quick Christian Warriors, Lest You Be Considered Hypocrites! #section28lives

The anger and fear over teachers being forced to promote homosexuality (or at least not speak their conscience) that was expressed during the same-sex marriage debates couldn't be anything other than genuine could they?

I mean if we had a case where a school (or schools) was enforcing a policy which kept a teacher from speaking their conscience, those same people would be up in arms right? The Christian Institute and Anglican Mainstream would be churning out article after article about it surely? 

When a teacher was investigated for refusing to say all opponents of marriage equality were homophobes, they were all over it. So when all teachers at Catholic schools are at risk of the sack for speaking their conscience and teachers at 45 other schools have the limits of their conscience defined in school policy, it'd be all over their sites right? 

Nah. One article (making no comment) on Anglican Mainstream and nothing on the Christian Institute. Hmm... 

Anyone seeing one of the MPs, Lords or anti-equality activists who has spent the last 6 months fighting for freedom of conscience for teachers mentioning the latest "Section 28"-lite story please let me know... I won't hold my breath though. 

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