Saturday, 23 March 2013

Who Is Engaging In An #EqualMarriage Edit War On Caroline Dinenage's Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia edit wars are usually not pleasant. However most Wikipedia editors are willing to at least engage in discussion as to the rights and wrongs of their edits. Unfortunately someone is editing Tory MP's Caroline Dinenage's Wikipedia page without discussion and using a Westminster IP address.

Last month a note was added to her page about how she voted on the Government's same-sex marriage bill.

"On 5th February 2013 MP Caroline Dinenage voted against in the House of Commons Second Reading vote on marriage equality in Britain."
It was an uncontroversial statement making no inference or comment. It is simply a fact. Someone, perhaps rightly, disagreed over its inclusion. However their IP address is and they reversed the edit without comment.

That IP address is known to be one used by Parliament. When their reversal was itself reversed due to the controversial nature of their IP address they simply did it again.

It was brought to my attention out of concern for just who in Parliament might have such an interest in hiding how Caroline Dinenage voted on same-sex marriage. And so I got involved, opening up the issue for discussion on the Talk page in the hopes of engaging some debate as to the worthiness of this edit's inclusion. Instead my attempts have been met with silence as the Parliamentary proxy continues to re-edit the web page.

Needless to say I'll be watching the page like a hawk from now on and will continue my efforts to get some discussion on this rather than allow this vandalism to continue. Get involved!


Matt C. A. Smith said...

Please do keep us updated. I run a news website for Ms Dinenage's constituency...

Jae Kay said...

It looks like our side won. See the talk page on the wiki entry.