Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Same Sex Marriage Bill Passes Committee Stage... Sadly Unamended

The rather flawed Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill has been sent back to the House without a single successful amendment. Whilst some have crowed about how all the "wrecking amendments" failed (yes, I'm looking in Stonewall's direction as always) I'm deeply disappointed that not one of the issues I have with the bill has been resolved.

I felt the House of Commons committee stage was the most likely place amendments could be successfully made to make this same sex marriage bill into an equal marriage one. It is not the end of the battle for a better bill but it is certainly a blow to the chances of improving it.

It is weird, if not quite unexpected, that the more popular marriage equality has become and the closer to reality it is, the less happy I become. Perhaps because I had hoped I could finally put this thing behind me and move on with my life and I find that as soon as I stop paying attention the clever people I thought had this in hand have dropped the ball.

I do not want to still be moaning about this for another 10 years so I shall return to the fray and get on with lobbying the Lords anew in the hopes of putting this to bed once and for all. I might be a tiny little insignificant armchair campaigner, but at least I'll be an agitated one for the next few months.

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