Friday, 6 May 2011

My First Election

Seeing your name on a ballot paper is an experience in itself. Of course this wasn't a real election "fight" as it were. The need for me to be there for my other half due to his ongoing health problems meant I wasn't able to even help out in the competitive wards let alone big up the vote in Harvey Central. So the results were of little surprise.. But there are obviously 233 astute, and probably tweeting, residents of Harvey Central!


Hugh Anthony Barker - Conservative - 539 (elected)
David Stephen Johnson - Conservative - 481 (elected)
Nicola Ann Keen - Labour - 388
Edward Louis Le Fanu - Labour - 328
Jason Kay - Liberal Democrat - 233
Kay Ann McLoughlin - Independent - 220

Considering Kay McLoughlin's rather nice leaflets, and near celebrity status, the residual Lib Dem vote seems to have kept up remarkably well during the wipe out that occurred at Shepway District Council.

The count was an interesting and enlightening experience (if you have never been to one and get the chance grab it) and I learnt a lot about the election process just from observing how the count progressed and the occasional "Hmm... should we count this one?" question.

It was sad and upsetting to see so many good councillors, and candidates, who had worked far harder than I could even bear, both in the normal run of things and in campaigning for re-election, fall to the Tories. My worst fears, a Tory administration without any real opposition, has been realised. But that's the democratic will of the people (even if the turnout was so low... 28% in Harvey Central, disgusting really) and the only way to win is to win the trust of the residents of Shepway once more. The Lib Dems, Labour and the other parties who stood failed to do that (whatever the reason, be it local or national).

Onwards and upwards I say, it's now down to residents to hold the Tories to account. Do not let them railroad through developments without scrutiny!

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