Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lib Dem Gordon Macdonald's Not Very Convincing On Marriage Equality

It is a great shame to have the below article brought to my attention (yes I know it's a week late in getting it to you but life intervenes!). A Lib Dem candidate, standing on a manifesto that includes introducing marriage equality, suggests he'll vote according to his conscience. A conscience that seems dead-set against such a liberal move. The original story is here.

Now for a LibDem candidate who is being taken to task for sticking to his beliefs. The problem is that his beliefs seem to run counter to official party policy. Paul Brownsey of Bearsden asks Gordon Macdonald, the LibDem candidate in his constituency: “If you are elected to the Scottish Parliament, will you support full marriage equality for gays and lesbians in accordance with your party’s official policy or will you oppose it in accordance with the policies of Christian Action Research and Education for whom you work as parliamentary officer?”

Macdonald made this submission to Holyrood in 2000: “CARE for Scotland considers that sex is properly enjoyed within the context of a marriage relationship between a man and a woman… We consider that homosexual practice does not equate with heterosexual intercourse. We commend and support homosexual people who are living celibate lives in order to obey and honour God.”

That seems like a no to full marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

In answer to the current question, Macdonald replied: “I’m campaigning to represent Strathkelvin and Bearsden in the Scottish Parliament for the LibDems, not my current employer! I think this is a matter of conscience and would say so if the issue came up for a vote in the Scottish Parliament.” 
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