Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Announcement

So, today we got the announcement that we'd all been expecting. Religious civil partnerships will be allowed to go ahead following last year's consultation. And another consultation was announced regarding the future of marriage and civil partnership equality.

Nothing to get excited about there then. I know, people are gushing about how great this is. But seriously... we're limping towards the finishing line here. However, to keep us amused I assume, we have had a few "hilarious" moments this week.

In position three... we have Ed Miliband calling for further progress on marriage equality. Not only is he from the party that so singularly failed to introduce any moves towards it but he's not always been so positive.

In second position... oh how the might have fallen. My respect for Michael White has plummeted after he suggested only those able to procreate should marry. That is a terribly out of date argument that's been defeated time and again. What was he thinking???

And in first place... Ben Summerskill. I'll leave you with this headline from the King of BS, please do not laugh too hard:

Government is ‘painfully slow’ on gay marriage

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