Saturday, 25 October 2008

Should Stupid People Be Allowed To Vote???

Well of course they should, but please God have mercy on us when we have ill informed bozos voting like the one from this article

At a local restaurant a friendly waitress started chatting to us. The conversation turned to politics.

She shrugged, she was not even sure when the election was to be held, she could not pronounce Mr Obama's name.

"I like McCain because I can say his name, so I'll probably vote for McCain."

She was not well informed, but her views were clear.

"He's from Africa or something. I don't even know where he's from. I know he grew up here, but he's not from here. I think American presidents should be from America."

Have an opinion, but don't make stuff up!! Can't pronounce his name???? OBAMA. It's not hard... it's easier than Roosevelt or Eisenhower in my opinion, even if they aren't exactly linguistically challenging.

And he's from Africa???? LIES!

I don't mind people being racist or homophobic, as long as they are honest and upfront about it so others can rightly mock them. When they are just moronic or too cowardly to be straightforward that's when I get furious.


Ryan said...

I think that is more the outlier than the norm in terms of that woman.

Halliwood said...

Couldn't agree with you more, in fact I have a post about it also, check it out.

Dingo said...

I run into peole like that every day.