Saturday, 20 June 2015

If Pitcairn Island Can Do It, You Can Northern Ireland! #equalmarriage

Last month Pitcairn Island legalised same-sex marriage. One small little British outpost (of 56 people) in the Pacific Ocean managed to be more liberal in a shorter space of time than Northern Ireland which is part of western Europe.

Come on Northern Ireland (and the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey etc.). If the Seventh-day Adventist Pitcairn Islanders can do it, you can too!!!

Also they managed to do it in a gender-neutral, and vastly superior way, when compared with England and Wales' attempt.

Not that this is the first time the Pitcairn Islanders have been ahead of the curve...

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Richard Gadsden said...

Guernsey are doing something very interesting with their Union Civile (abolishing civil marriage and replacing with a civil union). Both Jersey and Man are working on their legislation for next year.

Though Guernsey's legislation doesn't include their colonies (Sark and Alderney), so there will still be those two islands for NI to hide behind.