Sunday, 30 June 2013

Does The Vatican Have A "Gay Lobby" Or Are We Looking At Another Catholic Child Abuse Story?

Ever since Pope Benedict XVI's unexpected resignation there have been rumours of a gay lobby in the Vatican. Supposedly a corrupting influence, this lobby is even more of a risk to the Pope as it fights off blackmail attempts (the different angles, and the way they have been reported, are summed up very well here). Pope Francis has acknowledged the existence of this gay lobby and seems to be making plans to purge the Vatican of it. 

Sounds all very "Lavender Scare" to me. 

But... is it really a gay lobby? Or is it just a rebranded child abuse problem? For many decades it has been common to smear gay people with the paedophile tag. Most reasonable people now recognise there is a difference (and there really is a difference!). However given the Vatican's deep-seated dislike of us LGBT folk (sorry their "love" for us) and given that the Vatican has a very good reason to want to avoid another child abuse scandal, especially this close to home, is it possible that this "gay lobby" business is an attempt to smear the LGBT rights movement whilst protecting, in a small way, what is left of the Catholic Church's reputation? 

Because the latest rumours coming out on this story (and they are just rumours) are suggesting that some of those involved may well be young boys. If these rumours are substantiated maybe we should be asking whether any of those accused have ever had an adult gay relationship? Because I have to say if they haven't then calling it a gay lobby might be redefining the word "gay" (again) and you know how right-wingers didn't like it when we did that! 

I'm pretty sure heads will start to roll soon, and we may then find out what is going on at the Vatican. 

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