Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Disillusionment With Politics

My obsessions have always come in cycles. Politics has always stood apart from my bi-monthly obsession change, but it too is the subject of a similar if slightly longer cycle and right now we are heading towards the low-ebb point of my interest in politics.

The problem for me is, I believe in principles whereas politics is always about compromise. I find it an unpleasant business. Being honest is described as "negative". Being individual means you aren't "being part of the team". When I talk to someone and ask why they aren't standing up for the principles I know they believe in, they tell me how they are "quietly working behind the scenes to win some smaller concessions". I know logically that getting something is better than nothing, but that sort of sentiment still sticks in my craw.

And worse I feel like politics is so unambitious (yet full of far too ambitious people). Our world is changing in a way we've never seen before. Far distant countries are now mere hours away. We can communicate in ways we wouldn't have imagine just 20 years ago. We can print physical objects and problem solve on a massive basis. Yet our politics is still stuck in the 19th century.

Do not get me wrong. I'm not saying the everyday mundane stuff isn't extremely important. From benefits to healthcare and from dog poo to pot holes, some things will always be needed to be discussed, argued about and fixed. But there are so many ways to be innovative, to think about getting people more involved on a bigger scale. What things I hear you ask? Things along these lines.

I know, I'm being all impractical and idealistic. "Things take time". etc. etc. I know I am being unreasonable but I'm at that point in the cycle and there you go.

This month I will, without any enthusiasm whatsoever, renew my membership of the Lib Dems. And that, I suspect, will be the most political I get this month.

Inspiring politicos sought to rekindle my enthusiasm!

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