Friday, 14 December 2012

Gordon Birtwistle, Lib Dem MP; Opposed To #Equalmarriage?

Statistically out of 50 odd people (even specially selected by party allegiance) there has got to be one who opposes marriage equality. Even among the Lib Dems in the House of Commons.

And it looks like This Is Lancashire has found that person.
Burnley Liberal Democrat Gordon Birtwistle is strongly opposed.
Oh dear. And they even have a quote. And it is not even thoughtful.

Mr Birtwistle said: “I will vote against gay marriage. Civil partnerships are fine. Gay marriage is just not on.”
I'll tell you one thing that is just not on: Gordon Birtwistle's opposition to marriage equality!!

Lib Dem fail. :(

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Anonymous said...

He's on the C4EM support page as being in favour of equal marriage. How many more LibDem MPs have been fibbing?

Jae Kay said...

Difficult to say isn't it. Hopefully just one confused constituent made the mistake, rather than Birtwistle saying one thing then and suddenly changing his mind now.

I'm prepared for 1 or 2 to vote against. Any more and I'd have very serious concerns.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he and others in the LibDem party don't suddenly change their minds to coincide with the whip being taken off.

tpfkar said...

Last week's YouGov had the Lib Dems 77:17 in favour of gay marriage. So over 57 MPs, any less than 10 voting against is a smaller propertion than the party's supporters who do not agree.