Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Thank You Church Of England; You're Really Helping Marriage Equality!

Last month I wrote a piece thanking the opponents of marriage equality for helping push forward marriage equality. Today I think we saw a rather grand example of this in the current controversy caused by the Church of England's response to the Government's marriage equality consultation.

The Church of England has been trending all day on Twitter and the vast majority of tweets have been negative towards the position they have taken. Various people have used the opportunity to spread the link to the consultation which finishes on Thursday, and I've seen a great number of people announcing they have completed the survey just to counter what the Church of England have said.

Meanwhile my blog hits on my marriage equality posts have gone right up as people have been searching to answer their questions about the differences between marriage and civil partnerships.

It's been an exercise in how to rile up even more hitherto neutral people against the position you are trying to promote. Thank you Church of England, you've really helped us get our message out there and kept our supporters angry enough to keep on pushing this forward.

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Caron Lindsay said...

That was pretty much the post I was going to write.