Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Five Years In Five Posts

Caron is having a bit of a retrospective on blog posts posted over the last five years, and I thought I'd join her!

2011 - This Is Likely To Be The Least Popular Post I've Ever Written - My plea for some dignity from some of the more enthusiastic supporters of David Laws (and to not hate me!)

2010 - So Now: Where Do I Stand? - My thoughts on the then brand new, and exciting, Coalition agreement.

2009 - My Grumpy Letter To The Owners Of The Canterbury Tales - The Canterbury Tales was offering a discount for the gays. I decided to enquire as to how they were going to determine someone's sexuality. Never did get a reply...

2008 - Can Iris Robinson Avoid Insulting Homosexuals For A Second? - A bit of a spare blogging year for me, so this post from July is the closest I could get. I think the title says it all!

2007 - A Beginning - From June, it's the first ever blog post on this little blog! Of course this wasn't my first blog but that's a whole 'nother story.

Funny really to think this little blog has quietly grow old. My personal, and much neglected, blog seemed to age loudly but this one has definitely been a slow burner.

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