Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The News... In Brief

Just some quick looks at a few stories that have piqued my interested

How can Ken riddle anything with LGBT people positively? - Not the best phrasing although maybe not as nasty as it seems after a second reading. Silly Ken though. Riddled is definitely not the best choice of phrase.

Court overturns California gay marriage ban, appeal planned - Brilliant step forward in the fight over Prop 8. Unfortunately it's not the end of the fight. Onwards and upwards.

Falklands issue to be taken to the UN - This issue has been causing me to shake my head in disbelief at some of the stuff Argentina and it's allies have been coming up with over the Falkland Islands. Nothing, however, has quite got to me as President Kirchner's latest request to Britain to "to give peace a chance". As if we are the one's who would want a war! As far as we're concerned the issue is settled in our favour, why would we want to rock the boat??? And the idea with militarising the Falklands is hilarious given the history. We went to demilitarise the Falklands in the early 80s, and then Argentina promptly took that as a sign that we didn't care and invaded. They are only militarised now to make sure Argentina understands we shan't let them annex a small group of islands by violent means against the wish of the inhabitants.

Ironically there'd probably be no military in the Falklands now if Argentina had never INVADED in the first place. I sometimes think the whole world has forgotten that they were the aggressors last time. The Falkland Islanders were their innocent victims. Let's remember that.

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