Tuesday, 14 September 2010

John Amaechi and The Crunch Bar

John Amaechi, a tall, handsome former NBA player, has been refused entry to the Crunch Bar on Manchester's Canal Street because he was "big, black and could be trouble".

Racist and discriminatory? Yes. As someone who is about the same height as Amaechi (6'9", 6'10") but white I too have had similar issues at gay bars. Either I've been denied entry as they thought I might be a straight troublemaker (only ever solved when one of my more "acceptably gay" mates would come out and rescue me), or given conspiratorial whispers by the door staff who'd ask me things like "Mate, you know this is a bar full of queers right?".

John Amaechi (a man whose autobiography shows to be one of the sweetest, soft natured people around) should not have been denied entry to a gay bar. I'd hope the LGBT population of Manchester show him some solidarity and stop patronising the Crunch bar. Hit them where it hurts and frequent places with less racist, heightist door staff.

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Anonymous said...

Many years ago when I was still young I was with a huge group from W. Yorks visiting some huge crappy club in Manchester. Bored stupid me and a mate, both male, straight, white & about 5'7" left to find somewhere more interesting.

We passed a place that had some reasonable music leaking out, so decided to give it a go. The bouncers told us we couldn't come in.

- Why not ?

- You're trousers don't meet the dress code !

Our trousers were what we referred to as happy trousers. Shiny buffed cotton zoot style baggies in very bright colours (looking back they were quite gay actually !)

- "What ? What kind of place is this ?" I said as I turned to go.

One of the bouncers stood very menacingly in front of me and lowered his face in front of mine

- "It's a place for poofs !"

The only thing we took from this was that some bouncers are unintelligent, unpredictable, unreasonable, and usually dangerous.

We went and had a kebab instead.

I thought the John Amaechi story was interesting. Not sure it's about gay discrimination though - bouncers discriminate against everyone for any reason or none at all.

I liked your blog post - and rest assured I won't be going in the Crunch Bar - I suspect it won't harm their takings much though.