Monday, 28 December 2009

Doctor Who 4.17 The End Of Time Part One

If you read Doctor Who forums you'll find there is a significant minority of Whovians who hate this episode. I, for once, am not one of them. The episode see's the return of the Master, Wilf, Donna and... THE TIME LORDS! I think anything could be forgiven for those last two minutes where they are revealed. Awesome! But the rest of the episode has it's good points too. John Simm plays the Master extremely well, showing us his obvious insanity in grim/hilarious detail. Wilf and the Doctor are both great as they play melancholy characters and the Doctor crying as he tells Wilf he is going to die is EXCELLENT. Seeing Donna again is always good and I hope we see more of her next episode.

The plot... well the plot was the sort of thing you'd find in Marvel Comics in the early 80s. Silly, weird but ultimately alright.

The episode reminded me a lot of Survival (the last story of the original run) with it's grim reality of a down and out London where it's hard to find a smile or a job. It was far more realistic than the end of series 4 trilogy that was just pants. I hope that the follow up episode is as dramatic, exciting and funny as it needs to be in order to give the Tenth Doctor a good send off. It'll be sad to see David Tennant go but if they do it right it won't be all that bad!

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