Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tosspott Wants More Compensation For A Bank Error

Some guy, Donald Moffat, found his bank balance had humourously gone nearly £100bn into the red. It took him a morning to fix the problem and the bank offered him £10.00 compensation for his time.

But this arsehole was unhappy with this situation. He felt that he was more important than that, and decided to try and greedily blackmail the bank into offering more compensation by emailing his bank statement to the BBC.

He also said he was looking for the bank to up its offer of compensation for the level of stress he had been put under in trying to resolve the situation.

He doesn't even know what stress is!!! People live in this world under bombardment by armed militias, suffering from life threatening conditions and living without regular food or water. Many of them would kill someone for £10.00. But oh no this selfish git isn't satisfied with that and has decided he deserves compensation for his time (a morning! Jesus, he obviously hasn't ever dealt with a bank before, normally it takes them days! I suspect he must of been really rude to those poor service agents who had to deal with this bastard to get this quick a response).

Greed. It's a sin. I hope he has a terrible new year.


Jason said...

He is a total tosser in my eyes, J hope he has a bad bad year, just for being such a money grabbing arsewipe.

Amitabh said...

At least this git is greedy. I have had funnier experience - people griping about delay in train when it is about a few minutes late - in Europe. Obviously they haven't been on trains that are more than 24hours late. You don;t believe me? Come to India and try some real long distance trains that anyway take upward of 42 hours from one place to another. When there is a train accident in that route, the long trains get delayed yo up to 24 hours.
You are absolutely right when you say that this chap doesn't know what stress is. Send him to Somalia for some first hand experience. I am sure the bank will be more than pleased to do so.

Jae said...

Amitabh... British people don't even know they were born! Always complaining about minor little things. Just like I am right now... we are habitually ungrateful for all the plenty we have. Thanks for helping put it into prospective.

Plus I think you're idea of the bank shipping him off to Somalia is one that would go down very well with customer service personnel across the country!