Saturday, 17 August 2013

Whilst Our Opponents Moaned About Hypotheticals, Their Kin Were Banning Free Speech In Schools

Remember during the same-sex marriage debates how often the plight of teachers being stopped from saying what they believed was brought up? Oh it was going to be awful, teachers would be sacked, lives would be ruined. 

Meanwhile... three schools have been found to be operating policies that use similar language to the much loathed Section 28. I've said it over and over... whilst those who want to oppress others campaign for their own freedom from imaginary enemies, LGBT friendly teachers have been put under threat of the sack in Catholic schools and we have schools introducing bans on "promoting homosexuality" (how one promotes homosexuality I don't know, saying "Being gay is okay" to a child counts as promotion?). 

Christians (be it on the Church of England's freedom to discriminate or their own freedom of speech), and their allies like Ben Bradshaw, spend forever making every debate about them whilst LGBT people get their rights compromised again.

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